Contract Manufacturing

Our aim to reach the best tasting 100% Pure Tender Coconut Water doesn’t end with just our brand. We are happy to associate with Brand Owners, Retail Chains and other interested parties to pack the best Tender Coconut Water in labels of choice. We treat every pack the same!

Here are a few qualities that will make your decision easier:

No Preservatives or Additives

We take utmost care in maintaining the purity of the drink you hold. We add no preservatives or any type of additive for that matter. Many of our competitors add an elusive Vitamin C which is ascorbic acid to maintain quality of the drink. But we don’t!

No Added Sugar

Sugars sooth the tongue and overlap the natural taste. Our chosen coconuts are sweet enough we think. We want to provide the best tasting yet natural Tender Coconut Water to you, yet another reason for us to keep off sugar.

Futuristic Packaging

Flexible packs are not only attractive but they also have an edge over the conventional bottles and jars in keeping the taste locked inside. We have developed this pouch from ground up, leaving nothing to chance.

Industry New Packing Technique

As mentioned in our story, the packing technique is fresh. And that helps us keep the Tender Coconut Water fresh in the packs too!

Not Cooked

We don’t cook the coconut water. Many Tender Coconut Water processing plants cook them in the kettle for long periods of time to kill microbes. But you know what, we don’t!


Using filters that keep only the bad things out of the Tender Coconut Water helps us in our claim to the best tasting product.

Spout & Cap Child Friendly

Spout is narrow and Cap is big. This was designed with kids in mind. Planning a kids’ friendly product? We have the perfect answer. Narrow spout fits easily in the kid’s mouth while the Cap is too big to be swallowed. Making our product the safest way to enjoy Nature’s elixir.

Coconut Procurement

In our experience we have understood that a million probabilities could change the taste of a coconut. We carefully select the farms and farmers who can provide us with coconuts that are harvested with love and passion. Each coconut has its character set and we treat them right.

Hygienic Processing

Our processing plant was built with brick, mortar, sand and lots of our passion. We take great care to ensure that our processing plant stays sterile and hygienic at all times.


We are happy with our system and hygiene but we want you to be confident about it too. We are BRC compliant and that makes any certificate that you need easy to get! We are happy to be badged for you.