Coco Spring

Craving for a Refreshing Drink?
Make Way for Pure Coconut Water

What do you do when you’re craving a refreshing drink that’s sweet and healthy at the same time? If you’re in the tropics, you can probably lay your hands on a tender coconut. And if you’re not, you might have to wait for eternity for one sip of that elixir. Well, you don’t have to wait anymore, no matter where you are in the world. Coco Spring coconut water will put an end to the painful wait when you’re craving for a natural, refreshing drink. Whether you’re having a tiring day at work or want to reload on electrolytes during your sweaty workouts, keep a pack of our coconut water at hand to satisfy your thirst and refresh your body. You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to a sip of good health. Nature designed the best drink and we packaged it for you.

Why You Should Buy Coco Spring Coconut Water?

  • Other than the fact that it’s delicious, it’s 100% pure — there are no additives, no preservatives, and absolutely no added sugar.
  • It tastes just like a freshly plucked tender coconut and is laden with all the original nutrients, including sodium, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, etc.
  • We don’t cook your drink! Our proprietary processing method retains its natural flavor and nutrients, which makes our coconut water best, and the tastiest health drink out there.
  • Our special, patentable preservation technique gives our coconut water a shelf life of 12 months. That means it will last you more than the time the one-way journey to Mars will take!
  • Other than pure coconut water, we also have multiple variants to suit every taste bud. You’ll find fruit juice blends and functional variants blended with tea, herbs, vitamins, and more.
  • Oh, did we mention that it’s absolutely delicious?

More than Just a Drink
Tender Coconut Water Wears Many Hats

Apart from being the purest water available on ground level, coconut water is also more than just a plain drink. It’s a versatile drink with so many uses. For starters, you can add it to smoothies, iced tea, cold coffee, or mocktails. You can mix it with liqueurs to make cocktails or as an alternative to soft drinks for hard liquors. If you love experimenting in the kitchen, you can try using coconut water to make desserts.

The idea of homemade tender coconut ice cream, pudding, jelly, sorbet, and anything really makes our mouth water! What about you? And if you’re a fitness enthusiast, ditch the sugary, flavored drinks for coconut water. Make it your new, more nutritious energy drink.