Our Story

Since you’re here, we’re sure you’re nuts about coconuts too! What’s there not to love about them, right? Coconut water is the purest, uncontaminated form of water on Earth. And we strive to bring this powerpack of nutrients to you. At Coco Spring, we harvest some of the best coconuts to ensure you get the finest, sweet-tasting drink straight from nature. Are you wondering how we do it? Being in the coconut products manufacturing business for the last 30 years, we’ve got to the point where we can tell the husk and the shell apart! Our experience in the industry helps up keep our standards high.

We are a family-run conglomerate with diverse businesses, including chit fund, finance, textile, agriculture, and manufacturing coconut products. "We have been in the coconut farming business for over four generations. Over these long years in this business, we’ve learnt a lot along the way, including improvising and innovating when required. We strive to continue to produce more products from coconuts by using innovative production methods." As a result, we are able to bring delicious coconut water to you, just like nature intended it to be. We put in three good years in R&D, with assistance from a food science major from USA, to create a patentable processing method to preserve the nutrients in the packs of coconut water that reach you.

We’re Nut About Coconuts,
So Let’s Get Rolling!

It’s our vision to utilize coconut to create a wide range of products and get them to you. At the forefront of this vision is the promise of quality. We have conducted over 300 successful lab tests to meet our promise. Other than using innovative scientific methods to retain quality and purity, we also ensure that we prioritize our purchase from small farmers to support their livelihood and to maintain the quality of the produce. We guide them to use the right fertilizers and irrigation methods to produce naturally great-tasting coconuts. Other than our refreshing coconut water, some of the other products that we’ll soon be introducing for your health and wellness include cold pressed virgin coconut oil, dessicated coconut, coconut milk, and coconut desserts.

The Promise of Quality and Purity
From Our Family to Yours

The coconut water that we package is 100 percent pure tender coconut water. There are no preservatives, sugar, or additives to hinder the purity of our products. Our research based preservation process ensures that the natural taste is preserved and you get all the nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and more, straight out of our Coco Spring Coconut Water pack. You’ll also find variants blended with fresh fruits. Every sip is a promise of purity, from our family to yours. So take a sip to good health. Cheers!